In order to establish a pleasant and healthy communication culture among artists and users, we inform you of the Fantrie Management Policy for your reference. This Fantrie Management Policy was prepared by referring to the ‘Regulations on Information and Communication’ of Korea Communications Standards Commission. Our Fantrie manager monitors all contents such as the contents provided through regular payment and other individually provided posts and messages. Accordingly, if any contents are found to be against the Fantrie Management Policy, we may take measures such as deletion of the contents and restriction on the use of the services immediately upon detecting such contents.

1. Guide on Contents

A. Guide on Contents for Artists

All contents directly uploaded or posted through links by artists (including separately provided posts and messages in addition to the artists’ contents provided through regular payment) shall not contain any of the following items:

① Obscene materials
- Contents directly depict intercourse or sexual acts;
- Contents that contain excessive physical exposure such as the genitalia, pubic hair, and buttocks of men and women or female breasts or intentionally highlight those parts;
- Contents that promote sexual assault, sexual harassment, or unsound encounters; and
- Contents that use children and adolescents sexually

② Infringement of Rights of Others Such as Copyrights
- Contents that post, reproduce, distribute and send the materials not permitted by a copyright holder without authorization;
- Contents that infringe intellectual property rights of others including trademark and design rights;
- Contents that infringe privacy and portrait rights of others by posting photos and videos of others without authorization;
- Contents this are against the other’s reasonable expectation on the protection of personal information such as by posting or leaking to others the personal information of a third party (, resident registration number, address, photo, telephone number, email account, etc.);
- Contents that defame, slander or insult individuals or groups;
- Contents that discriminate or otherwise promote the stereotype for a specific gender, region, religion, race, etc. without reasonable grounds; and
- Contents that infringe on the rights of others without legitimate rights

③ Violation of Law
- Contents promoting the business of illegal private gambling;
- Contents that stimulate or glorify illegal acts such as sexual violence, drug use, or violence;
- Contents that sell or promote illegal products; and
- Contents that share information on other violations of laws, or induce or encourage behaviors against laws

④ Violation of Public Morals Such as Swearing
- Contents that use excessive swear words and inappropriate language;
- Contents that use excessive violence or contain cruelty;
- Contents that produce suggestive scene in return for money and valuables, etc.; and
- Contents that are not considered as illegal but contain any matter violating other public morals

⑤ Interruption of Service Operation
- Contents that adversely affect the provision of the Service such as by intentionally interfere with the operation of the Service or inducing unfair competition

B. Contents Guide for Users

All contents entered by users during the course of using comments or chat services, etc. shall not contain any of the following contents:

① Obscene materials
② Infringement of rights of others such as copyrights
③ Violation of laws
④ Violation of public morals such as swearing
⑤ Interruption of service operation
⑥ Making comments and chats by manipulating the program, making repetitive comments and chats, making comments and chats by impersonating others, recklessly reporting the comments and chats, etc.

2. Measures against Violation

A. Restriction of Service Use

- If the violation of the content guidelines is confirmed, the content may be deleted.
- If the violation of the content guideline is confirmed, the following actions will be taken against artists or users:

Number of detection Actions
1 time Warning
2 times Inactivate subscription button (up to 14 days)
3 times Sanctions according to HQ internal discussion including deletion (retrieval) of ID

- Even in case of detection for 1 time, the suspension of service use or deletion (retrieval) of ID may be taken for material violation such as breach of related laws and regulations.
- Fantrie manager will notify the artists or users of the cause of action, action to be taken, period of suspension, etc. via email address or service notification. However, if otherwise separately stipulated by law or if it is urgently needed to restrict the use, an ex post notice may be given after taking action.
- Fantrie manager may proceed with legal action depending on the issues such as criminal complaints, civil damages claim, etc.

B. Objection and Restoration of Restriction on Use

- Any artist or user who has an objection against the action for breach of management policy may raise an “objection” through Fantrie help desk within 30 days from the notice of action, such as the restriction on service use. In this case, the artist or user shall submit the evidential materials required for the request of vindication.
- If the request for objection is justifiable the action such as the restriction on service use will be eased, and deleted contents will be restored.
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